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Information for owners of owner managed properties

Owner managed properties 

Managing your own property allows you to enjoy your property and guests but we handle all the bookings, deposits and marketing for you. 

Weekly Home’s responsibilities

  • We advertise the property on our website and elsewhere. We ensure that the property is marketed as effectively as possible. We have an extensive and growing customer base, with many repeat bookings from customers who are very happy with the quality of the accommodation and the level of service we provide.

  • We deal with the large amount of enquiries that come in by email and phone, doing our best to convert these into bookings.

  • We process the bookings and take all payments, sending out all necessary documents to guests and owners using up-to-date software designed for short lets.

  • We liaise with customers to tailor the booking to their needs and organise the check-in meeting between the owner and the guest.

  • We ensure owners receive payment several days before the guest arrives.

  • We take a security deposit with each booking to cover damages and other costs (e.g. extra cleaning). Such costs are deducted from the guest’s deposit before refunding, and paid to the owners.

The owner’s responsibilities 

  • Owners have to ensure that apartments are well-presented: well-furnished, smartly decorated and well-equipped to a standard which executive visitors would be happy with.

  • We require Wi-Fi internet connection in all our apartments.

  • Owners have to maintain the property and garden.

  • Owners have to check guests into the apartment and out of the apartment (although many are happy to allow guests to just post their keys back through the door on departure).

  • Owners are responsible for all utility bills during guests’ stay, including gas, electricity, water etc. The exception is outgoing phone calls, if the property has a phone, which the guest is expected to pay.

  • Owners have to provide all linen and towels for guests, and a weekly change of laundry for these items.

  • Owners have to deal with any problems that arise during a guest’s stay. Guests contact owners directly if e.g. an appliance breaks down, there is a leak etc.

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