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Trip Advisor-Love it or loathe it!

Trip AdvisorSince TripAdvisor reviews were launched on the Holiday Lettings listings site last year, enquiries for properties with reviews have increased by 40%, even to those with only one review. We have also found that the reviews have encouraged undecided guests to go ahead and make a booking. 

A recent report by Luke Nicholls of hospitality website found that websites such as TripAdvisor are encouraging higher spending and longer stays in the UK, as well as building consumer confidence and spending prior to travel. It seems that guests are more likely to part with their money when they have a full and rounded idea of what they will get for their money, this is helped considerably by user generated reviews.

Weekly Home encourages TripAdvisor reviews whenever we can, asking all departing guests to leave a comment by clicking on a special link. However, many guests aren’t aware of the impact their feedback can have. As owners, you can help us get the word out!

Check in is a great time to mention that we will be sending guests a TripAdvisor link on departure and to emphasise how important their feedback is. Unfortunately, reviews can only be uploaded by the guest-verbal and emailed comments cannot be transferred to the TripAdvisor site. They have to use the link that we send them. If a guest emails you to tell you how great your property is please ask them to leave their comments on TripAdvisor or to refer them to the link emailed by Weekly Home following their departure.

Remember, the more reviews you have, the higher your occupancy rate can become!