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Making use of gaps between bookings

At Weekly Home our occupancy rates can be as high as 85%, but during the winter months occupancy is always a little lower. Ultilising any gaps during this time for property maintenance will make sure that you are ready for back to back bookings in the Summer.
Full empty weeks are a great time to get major work done, such as painting and decorating, or any building and interior repairs. Shorter gaps are an opportunity to do smaller, but essential jobs. Here are a few of the smaller things that will contribute to making your holiday cottage/short let great and provide a wonderful experience for your guests.
  • Have a cull of plastic coat hangers. Plastic coat hangers are a definite '"no no" and can make the best holiday property look cheap! Plastic coat hangers tend to appear out of nowhere and need regular culling!
  • Turn the mattresses. Quite a physical job and one best done with two people. The mattress manufacturer will indicate how often to turn the mattress and following manufacturer guidelines will enhance the lifespan of the mattress.
  • Check the kitchen inventory. Make sure that you have everything required and that any tired looking items are replaced. Check chinaware for cracks and chips and remove any damaged items. Make sure the toaster hasn’t accumulated enough crumbs to make a loaf of bread, and that the kettle is descaled.
  • Check all windows and sills for possible black mould. Black mould is best avoided by regular attention, but it can be missed. 
There are many of us who dislike waste and find it difficult to throw away worn but otherwise perfectly good household items, but the combined impact of worn items can easily make a property look tired. If you can't stand the idea of throwing things away then try the website freecycle which will put you in touch with someone who wants your worn items.
Other regular maintenance jobs that are easily missed but essential for a good holiday let are: 
  • Cleaning washer/dryer filters
  • Lamp shade dusting
  • Fire alarm/ smoke detector testing
  • Cupboard cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Window cleaning