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Oxford Colleges

Ten Facts About Christ Church (College), Oxford

1  Christ Church is the largest, and one of the most famous, Oxford colleges. However, it is not correct to call it 'Christ Church College' – it should be called 'Christ Church' only, or informally, ‘The House’.

2  It is the only college in the world which is also a cathedral. It is the smallest cathedral in England and contains the Shrine of St Frideswide. This shrine was built in 1289, and it houses the relics of the 8th century nun, Frideswide, the patron saint of Oxford.

Mistakes not to make when you visit Oxford

1  Don’t ask where ‘the university’ is. Oxford University doesn’t have a single campus – it’s spread all over the city and consists of 38 separate independent colleges and hundreds of faculty and department buildings. This is one of the things that makes Oxford – and Cambridge – so special.