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Oxford University Museum of Natural History

If you are in Oxford staying in one of our short let apartments or holiday cottages our recommendation for the weekend is the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Rain has been predicted for this weekend, so we are recommending an indoor activity.

The museum was designed to be a 'cathedral to science' and showcase the history and diversity of life on earth. The first thing that strikes you when you arrive at the museum is the spectacular Victorian neo-gothic architecture of the buidling, constructed between 1855 and 1860. The glass and iron roof of the museum is particularly impressive. The cast iron columns are ornate and create a feeling of grandeur. 

The museum is famous for housing one of history's great scientific debates on Charles Darwin’s Origins of Species. The debate took place just after the opening of the museum in 1860 between Bishop Wilberforce and Thomas Huxley. The debate is regarded as a key moment in the acceptance of evolution.

Inside the museum is split into four catagories Geology, Mineralogy, Zoology and Entomology. The museum is famous for its impressive collection of dinosaur remains, you are met by two life sized skeletons as you walk in. The museum is also famous for its Dodo remains.


The Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PW