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Weekly Home Favourite: Eagle and Child

One of the reasons why Oxford is so famous and such a magical place to visit is that it holds great historical significance. After only a short time in the city centre you will feel that this is a city steeped in history. The “dreaming spires” allow you to drift back in time to days gone by. A time when many famous authors were studying and sharing ideas in Oxford including the likes of J.R. R Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

Authors like Tolkien and Lewis were part of an informal literary group called the Inklings. The Inklings were associated with the University of Oxford and active between the early 1930s and 1949. The group got together to discuss the narrative in fiction and to read from their own works. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings was one of the most famous works read at an Inklings meeting.

Therefore our recommendation for the weekend in Oxford is the pub that the Inklings used to meet in, the Eagle and Child on St Giles Street. The pub holds great historical significance for anyone who loves English Literature but it is also a great example of a traditional British pub. If this is your first visit to England it is a wonderful place to go to try some traditional British beers.

It is a combination of the beer and the food that make the pub great. Assistant Manager of the Eagle and Child, Andrew, describes the pub as "a traditional English pub with a contemporary twist.” The Eagle and Child is right in the heart of Oxford and only a few minutes walk from many of our central Oxford short let apartments, so why not give it a try this weekend? 


The Eagle and Child
49 St. Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LU